The automobile cools pumps with the mechanical seal
Industrial pump the mechanical seal
Pumps with the mechanical seal
The Submerged Pump Uses Double Face Mechanical Seals
The Acid Uses The Mechanical Seal
Agitator Mechanical Seals
○ Packing material
○ Stationary Ring Structure
○ Model、Mark and identification & Material code number table
○ Mechanical seal's Installment use and illustration
    Wenzhou Wanzhou Seal Co., Ltd was built in 1984, is the member of China Hydraulic pressure pneumatic Mechanical seal Industry Academician. It's a professional manufacturer of concent-rating design, manufacturing and distribution.
The company is located in No.423 XiaJinroad,JinZhu Industry Zone Nanbaixiang,WenZhou,China, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province. The personnel of our company are continual exploring and accumulating in the 、、、
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